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Results: Testimonials
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"I started training with Joe after having my first baby. I’ve learnt so much in our training sessions & nutrition meetings, techniques I will continue to use for the rest of my life. I cannot thank Joe enough for his support & could not recommend him more!"

Katie T

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"I have so much more energy, not to mention strength (handy as a farmer).  I am watching as my body becomes more toned with each passing month. Thanks Joe, for your unfailing positivity, as well as your expertise on the human body and fitness.  For me, it’s a winning combination!”

Ruth P


"I decided I needed a PT to keep me on track and motivated and Joe goes above that. He supports me during our sessions. He Provides me with a plan that works for me out of hours & provides nutritional advice. Joe is always supportive on how I wish to train, log food, not log food etc…he keeps you accountable but also keeps it fun, professional and supportive. Thank you Joe"

Marc W

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"I recommend to anyone & everyone! I started working with Joe back in 2016 through a recommendation & I got beyond any goal we set. Then I started training again with Joe after I had Pepper in 2018. Whatever your reason for seeking out PT, Joe can help & is superb to work with"

Caroline W

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"I would 100% recommend Joe to anyone looking for a PT he has certainly changed my attitude to exercise and diet, I am now rather hooked on it and look forward to my gym sessions! Thanks for all your help and guidance this past year Joe!"

Nancy B

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"My main aim was to kick start my fat loss while still building muscle and thanks to Joes help I managed to achieve this. I learnt a lot while I worked with Joe from my diet to correct posture on the gym equipment, it was great to learn new things all the time!"

Megan J

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" I can't believe the difference in my fitness levels and physique! If you want a trainer who is dedicated to the cause of improving and maintaining your fitness, talk to Joe. He's brilliant. 5 stars"

Simon F

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"In 2014 I was hit by a car & suffered a broken neck. After a traumatic recovery I approached Joe for PT. He worked with me to help my rehab & 4 years on Joe has equipped me with the confidence to train independently & safely. I can’t recommend Joe enough!"

Lauren C

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"Working with Joe made the whole idea of exercise fun! He is always positive & proud with what you achieve. He is committed to you 100% in sessions. PT with Joe has not only changed my body & how i look but has also built up my confidence & made me not afraid to try new things!"

Leah C

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"I can honestly say I have loved every minute! Apprehension soon turned to confidence in my first session and i'm proud of the results i've achieved"

Kaylee R

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