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Train as part of a small group

Compared with most group fitness classes, the JLPT Small Group Personal Training programme is limited to a maximum of 4 participants. This means less people, better coaching & a less daunting environment. Each month you will start a new training programme, giving you the opportunity to master technique, build your strength & develop your confidence! 

Small Group Training includes: 

  • Weekly Group Personal Training sessions (1 hour long) in the totally private JLPT Facility Following structured monthly workout plans designed to develop your strength, & fitness & help you master training in a gym!

+ you’ll get:

  • Access to the JLPT app where you can log your workout records & see your progress.

  • Access to the JLPT Home Workout Collection (an ever growing collection of home workout videos for occasions you can’t make a group workout).

  • Access to the JLPT Recipe Collection (with 150 simple, delicious recipes to try) & a weekly meal planner!

  • Access to the JLPT Facebook Support Group (for accountability, networking & regular Q&A’s & giveaways)

  • Exclusive access to client only events.

Small Group Training: About
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